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Jobs and Career Opportunities April 2011

7 April 2011 - The latest Jobs and Career Updates for March 2011

WAEC Staff Vacancies Jobs in Nigeria

Staff vacancies at WAEC to fill a wide range of opportunities including subject officers, accountants, aptitude test development officers, IT specialists and more 

IT Support Jobs in Nigeria

IT  support jobs at Sona systems a subsidiary of Heineken

GlaxoSmithKline GSK Jobs in Nigeria

GSK Customer Service representative jobs 

Avi-Cenna Teaching Jobs in Nigeria

Teaching jobs at Avi-Cenna school based in Ikeja, Lagos  


In your search for opportunity don't leave home without Self-confidence. ,Otherwise you defeat yourself even before you start. Identify your strengths and believe that you deserve to succeed. Highlight what you have and always work on making yourself better. Nobody is perfect. Prepare well and when you go out look for opportunity with positive expectation not with a failure mentality. .

Self Development   
"honesty is important in making decisions especially those that are life changing… sometimes we say “we can’t” when we mean “we won’t”".

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