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The Insider's Guide to Capacity Management

Book Review of A-Z of Capacity Management: Practical Guide for Implementing Enterprise IT Monitoring & Capacity Planning Paperback – November 20, 2017

Practical capacity management in a nutshell is one way to describe this book. Deriving optimal value from tech infrastructure has also been a concern in the enterprise environment. Simple and yet painstakingly written, it is an excellent guide for everyone who needs to get a full grasp of what it takes to plan and implement the capacity management process for organizations.

Throughout the book, it is clear that Dominic has rich expertise in capacity management as the book flows with credible and real life nuggets from his first hand experience. Planning for capacity to meet enterprise needs cannot be underestimated. The balance of focusing on core issues and yet making critical issues easy to understand and simple is one of the things that makes this book so appealing.

Particularly impressive is his detailed attention to capacity management fundamentals, measurement and data, planning model, planning, reporting and auditing of the process. Rather than empty bells and whistles, he uncovers and highlights the substance to ensure readers focus on issues that matter.

The single thread that runs through the book is information and insights that will help readers take quality decisions in the important management of capacity. At the end of the day it is about achieving capacity management goals and adding value.

Full of revelations that should interest anyone with more than a passing interest in the optimum management of infrastructure and computing resources, the aspect relating to the cloud computing and machine learning era, prepares the reader for the ever changing and increasingly digitally enabled world we live in. Indeed it is not just a book for today, but additionally addresses the impact of new technologies and how the future demands on business can be met efficiently and effectively.

IT infrastructure, service delivery, cost/performance balance, business requirements and targets are all within the capacity management realm. As an information technology consultant, I know that many lack the guidance and detail this book provides. 

It is welcome, practical and outstanding in how it brings all these important issues together in one place. Rich in content, enjoyable to read, it is a simple yet captivating book! 

I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in capacity management. 5 stars for an excellent guide!

Jide Awe
Founder, Jidaw.com

The book is available on Amazon: Get a Copy!


Closing Infrastructure Gaps in Nigeria

Infrastructure gaps in the Nigerian digital space are hard reality. But opportunities lie within.  However till gaps are closed, we will not be at our best in areas that matter – education, agriculture health, commerce, manufacturing, etc. Very costly! 

Opportunities are being missed, while potential wastes away. Voice communication is critical but the issue of concern is the driving force of the knowledge economy - innovation! It is about the foundation for innovation and related opportunities in the tech enabled world.

Fintech, ecommerce, edtech, ehealth and other disruptive areas are all children of innovation. Embracing status quo is more of pretense than impact. Time is ripe for purposeful disruption to reach dreams, to foster inclusion and harness potential. Wasting the young is to waste the country. Brimming with energy and ideas our youth could do with infrastructure bridges to create the new things this country needs, the new that will make us more competitive, the new that could transform the planet. Change reality and connect ideas to reality with infrastructure. I joke not.

Fastest growing market? Rapid teledensity growth? There has been progress, undeniably. But is this sufficient for our needs? I don’t think so. Expand the present vision. For one thing, inclusion and quality still lag ridiculously behind. Branded as the broadband “do-it-all”, the National Broadband Plan (NBP) clearly needs to be reviewed and updated. Policy is again being outrun by the environment.

It's not all about doom though; explosive opportunity is in closing the gap. Policy changes and political will must come into play to ensure the states in Nigeria and FCT get with the program - to be smart and digital. The right thinking at the authority and policy level matters - broadband is not a luxury but a fundamental human right.

Jide Awe
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