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Most Common Job Search Mistakes

Most Common Job Search Mistakes

An article has been published on CareerAware.com on avoidable mistakes made by job seekers and how to avoid them.

Here is a summary of the article:

Lack of Focus
Is that new job an opportunity to create your future or just another meal ticket? Let your purpose and direction stand out.

Using materials that do not persuade
Your job search documents should inform and persuade. Address the job requirements by letting your presence and materials persuade decision makers that you are the best person for the job.

Burning Bridges
Associations are great but not enough for a job search that works. Getting recommendations from your contacts is a lot easier if you don't leave bad blood on your trail.

Taking things personally
The job search is not always a smooth road. Learn from the good and the bad. Keep the faith and always focus on the positives.

Treating your job search as a rush job
Developing your CV and writing effective cover letters are not rush jobs. Quality helps you make a good first impression.

Not being Organized
Lack of organization continually hinders job search. You need to coordinate your effort to make your search worthwhile.

Failure to Research
Interest in jobs is not enough. Doing your research shows your interest in the company and the job while improving your level of preparedness.

Overloading of CVs

Make your CV simple and clear – presentable and containing relevant substance - with the right self-marketing focus to land you the interview.

Refusing to be Entrepreneurial
Whether your desire is for paid employment or running your own business, you must think entrepreneurial - accept educated risk, sell yourself, have a desire to learn as well as a genuine interest in service and people.

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