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CCNA Weekend Training February 2013

Jidaw’s new weekend class has commenced for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam preparation in Lagos, Nigeria. Students are ready and committed; instructor is experienced and eager to share.

Day One
First day starts with orientation and fundamentals for a solid grounding. Students embrace the fascination of internetworking and IT career opportunities. What is Cisco all about what is the aim of CCNA? Who is CCNA for? It looks at fundamental areas of internetworking and Cisco technology. The subject and new concepts are introduced to provide students with the required foundation. IT career orientation Creating a better future begins with a solid fundamentals.

Topics covered:
  • Orientation
  • Net Standards (OSI)
  • Net Media (CAT 5)
  • Net Devices (Hub, Switch, Router, Firewall, Access Point, etc)
  • TCP/IP Protocol

Day Two
On the first day, Jidaw’s Cisco CCNA class started strongly with Basic Networking ..Network Components, Network Standards. The dream has become reality. Jidaw is confident that these passionate, knowledge-hungry students will break records!
Though with shorter hours, the second day delves deeper by sharing information, knowledge and ideas on fundamental concepts of internetworking and Cisco networking. Learning is intensive and revealing.

Topics covered:
  • Address Schemes (MAC address and logical address) 
  • IP Address design and configuration, e.g. class C, B &A 
  • Introduction to Subnetting

A lot has been covered by these awesome students who will now use the week days to revise and practice with meaningful assignments. It’s hard work, but these teachable students focus on achieving their future vision. You see hard work, sacrifice, they see purchase of the future. For dedicated students, the exam is just a guide/standard while actual Cisco work and the reality of solving problems on the ground are the main issues.
What a weekend for IT career growth! Two solid CCNA classes this weekend of grounding in the core issues that matter.

Everything starts with a dream. CCNA dreamers have become doers. May their dreams never die. Interested in CCNA certification? Keep on track with your great ambition and initiative! May Your Career be positively UNFORGETTABLE!!

At Jidaw, our students are our best advertisement. Over 80% of our students come from referrals of our present and former students. To make urgent arrangements please call on 07052509148, 08035007778. You can also get more information on: Cisco CCNA Training Nigeria

What do you think? How are you planning on bringing your IT career dream alive? Please share your questions and comments.

The Team @ Jidaw.com

Tel: 08052647395, 07052509148, 01-7940562, 01-8958064, 08035007778
E-mail: training@jidaw.com Website: http://www.nigeriacomputers.com

Jidaw....More Knowledge! More Power!


Put Efficiency in Your Job Search

Searching for the right opportunity often means you are doing several things at the same time. Jidaw believes you get results when you put efficiency into the job search. It is important to be organized and professional. 

  • Ensure the right balance. In taking advantage and preparing you should identify priorities and critical issues. As a Network engineer you have done a good job of identifying networking opportunities that match your needs. But Jidaw asks: does it end there? 
  • Beyond your technical qualifications are you prepared for other requirements of the opportunity? What have you done about the requirement for “a letter of recommendation” from your educational institution? You have sent your CV before the deadline but was it wise to send it in the wrong format? 
  • It doesn't make sense to focus only on one key aspect of the hunt while neglecting other important areas. You see, very often opportunity search requirements do not just appraise your technical competence. They are also used to assess your ability to follow instructions and cooperate with others. It can serve as a measure of professionalism. 
  • Attending meetings and interviews won't amount to much if your resume and other related materials are flooded with spelling and grammatical errors. Your approach therefore needs to be professional and coordinated. 
  • For example, how well packaged is the information you’re using to prospect and position yourself for opportunity? It’s about hard (substance) and soft (presentation). You have SCJP, MCSD and quality experience to back up the tech certifications – so you are solid. 
  • But in the drive for opportunity, solid expertise is not enough? How do you present yourself in interview situations? Do you communicate well – written, verbal and body language? And the question really is: what is the message you send if your documentation is untidy, rough and cluttered? What is the message you send if you forget to include important dates with your achievements? And it could the other way too – your presentation is solid but substance is lacking. Be organized and professional
 Agree with these suggestions? Which tips have worked for you in making your job search more efficient? Share your comments and ideas.

Jide Awe
Innovation and Development Advisor, ICT

ICT Development Advisory Support and Consulting Nigeria
"Technology matters, but it is always about people".


Nigerian Women in IT Abuja to Hold Elections

Nigerian Women in Information Technology (NIWIIT) Abuja chapter will be holding Election of Executives on Friday, February 15, 2013. All interested women should send their profile with a photograph to NiWIIT Abuja by Friday, Feb.  8, 2013 (details below).

NIWIIT is the interest group of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) established by women in the Nigerian Computing and Information Technology profession and industry to promote the progress of women in the profession and industry in Nigeria. It aims to "provide and support purposeful leadership that will guarantee the overall welfare of women in the profession and industry hereto from".

NIWIIT Abuja Chapter will be conducting Election of Executives into the following positions:

·         State coordinator

·         Secretary

·         Public relations officer

·         Financial secretary

·         Treasurer

·         Welfare officer

·         Special duties officer

The election will hold on Friday, February 15, 2013 at 4pm. Venue: Courtyard, Apo Sparklight Mall, opposite Living Faith Church, Durumi District, Abuja.

All interested women should send their profile with a photograph (not more than 100Kb in size) to niwiitabuja@gmail.com latest Friday, Feb.  8, 2013. Visit NiWIIT Abuja Blog.

Nigerian Women in Information Technology

NiWIIT was established during the 2012 NCS Conference in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. The laudable aims and objectives of NiWIIT include: fostering unity among Nigerian women in the IT industry through networking, maintaining and defending the integrity and right of women in the IT industry. 
NIWIIT further aims to promote professionalism, capacity building and good relationship among members through mentoring, maintaining the highest standard of ethics, conduct, virtue, etiquette and discipline among women in the IT industry, create a platform by which women in IT can collaborate with other women in other professions in Nigeria and elsewhere, create awareness programs for IT related services and products among women in the rural and sub-urban areas in Nigeria, special target groups and students in secondary schools and tertiary institutions.
And most importantly it is focused on encouraging more female participation in the IT profession.

Women in ICT Blog looks forward to the success of the NiWIIT Abuja Chapter Election!
Women in ICT Blog wishes NiWIIT great progress in all its undertakings! 
Kudos to the Great Women of IT!


CISSP Trainer Job Nigeria

CISSP Trainer Job
An Information technology company with office in Lagos, Nigeria has announced a job vacancy for a CISSP Trainer. The trainer expected in system security will be required to handle CISSP and Network Security training assignments

Experience in Training on System Security, Network Administration
CISSP Certification is an advantage

Desired Candidate Profile
  • Candidate must have the following qualities:
  • Ability to develop the training content
  • Practical experience with system security technologies
  • Good understanding of CISSP and Network security concepts
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Deep interest in teaching and self development
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills required. 
  • Ability to effectively communicate with all levels of personnel.
  • Ability to work well in a team environment
  • Passion for teaching.and self development
  • Ability to counsel and share experiences with trainees

Method of Application

Qualified and interested candidates should send application and CV to:

CLOSING DATE: 20 February 2013


Part time Station Manager Job

An announcement has been made for the appointment as a Part time Station Manager for Pinet Broadband Internet Service. The release states that the suitable candidates are wanted for the Network Stations for the broadband serviceslocated in Katsina, Kano, Dutse, Gombe, Damaturu and Maiduguri. A Part time Station Manager is required for each of the stations.

According to the notice the broadband Internet service provider will provide access to the Internet by establishing hotspots in several locations where there is meaningful and sufficient demand for Internet services such as schools, hospitals, Government secretariats, residential estates, Business offices, etc.

Responsibilities of the station Manager
The responsibilities of the Station Manager include:
i. Identify competent and appropriate staff for employment in the station
ii. Provide appropriate supervisory roles on staff
iii. Market the Broadband services to potential clients
iv. Ensure a peaceful and fraud free working environment
v. Submit a periodic report to the Head office
vi. Ensure that the properties of the company(Pinet Informatics) are kept safe and utilized in a manner that will guarantee a long lifespan
vii. Ensure that there is reasonable returns on investment

Remuneration of the Manager
The remuneration of the Station Manager shall be 20%ofMonthly Net income of the station

The Station Manager is expected to have the following minimum qualification
1 Bsc or HND or Higher Degrees in any Discipline
2 Computer literate and familiarity with the Internet
3 Must be a good Manager and Marketer

Method of application

It is an exciting performance based job requiring management and marketing skills. Are you up to the task? If you are please send your application (Expression of interest) and CV to cccjob@pinet.com.ng or to info@citad.org

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