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Job Search Research You need to be doing

Looking for a job? Information is power. The right information can make all the difference. As we say at Jidaw – more knowledge means more power. Better information keeps you ahead of the pack. It differentiates you by portraying you as an interest, dedicated and knowledgeable candidate. The right approach to job search research can confer advantage.

Where are you searching? And why? Is it based on an area of interest, a target organization you wish to work for or a job announcement? In whatever situation, Jidaw advises candidates to appreciate the job need. If it is an announcement, read the announcement or advert carefully. What is required? How much do you know about the employing organization? Company websites and financial records are sources of information. But don’t restrict yourself to historical information. In particular find out more the organization’s interests, values, areas of focus and mission.

You need information on what the organization has done, what it is doing now and what it intends to do. It’s not just about where the organization has been, it’s also about where it is going. During counseling at Mastercomputers seminars we encourage candidates to adopt forward looking approach to job search and career development. How does the employer plan to create the future? Is the organization expanding into new territories, maintaining the status quo or contracting? If it is expanding, which areas will be affected and what are the anticipated needs? Will the company be opening new plants? Is the organization planning to overhaul its IT infrastructure? Or are meeting up with new standards and government regulations the focus?

At Jidaw we stress that information must translate to knowledge if it is to be applied for advancement. Progress requires quality and relevant knowledge about the employer and the environment. Go past surface awareness and get in-depth knowledge. Do your research. Sure your desire must be high but passion is nothing without knowledge. Furthermore, what do you know about the unique challenges, peculiarities, rewards as well as learning and career growth perspectives on offer? Is there a special scheme for young graduates? What are the career prospects? Don’t fly blind. Jidaw questions: Will you work for a well known company even if it will mean suppressing your talents and passions? Understand what the particular organization represents and how members in the IT field, department or team contribute towards the organization's vision and mission.

Make your research meaningful – what are the strengths you bring and how will you fit in to the organization? Jidaw asks: do you know what will be expected of you and what is it like to work in that organization? For example, the culture and requirements at service providers are quite different from what obtains in banks like Ecobank or UBA. Do your research. Are your expectations for pay and benefits realistic – or too low or too high? How much do you know about salary and compensation structures in the sectors?

During career seminars at Mastercomputers we always urge participants and job seekers to ensure that they live in the same value city as the organization of interest. Jidaw urges the job seeker to make research a priority. Equipping yourself with such knowledge garnered from research and contacts helps you know how to search and differentiate yourself in an effective manner. It’s more than just who you are. Knowledge with purpose means power. Jidaw, asks: how real is your passion? Research is an indication of desire. It is integral to preparation. But not just research for the sake of research. Focus on the job research you need to be doing

All the best in your job search!

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