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Let NOTHING steal your confidence

Looking for a job? Just been laid off? Without self belief we are defeated even before we start. Do you believe in yourself or are you just going through the motions because it is “expected”? A major barrier we address during Jidaw’s career seminars is the lack of self belief. 

During the job search process – cover letters, interviews, etc – what message do you send out - a message of confidence or panic? 

Nothing sells better than confidence and enthusiasm. You achieve more when you do things out of passion and interest than you do it as a duty. Sure you may be a newcomer. Or the competition looks tough. It certainly isn’t always easy to recover after losing a job. The issue is that attitude is what we use to overcome our challenges and fortify our strengths. Stop running scared. Don’t let your lack of experience or the present uncertainty weigh you down.

 Unfortunately, rather than believe in ourselves, we look for quick fixes and magic cures from the "guarantee-masters" - those who want to exploit our hunger. Jidaw encourages you to stay positive with who you are and what you have. Enthusiasm sells. We all love encouragement but you will make more impact when you stop expecting others to be passionate for you. Nobody should have to challenge you or look up on you before you move. It should be inborn. It is an inside job. It is about your own career and future. 

If you can’t be enthusiastic about what you have to offer why should you expect others to be enthusiastic for you? Lack of enthusiasm and confidence undersells your innate talent and skills. Even if you don’t have experience, how well are you using what you have?  Stop undervaluing your personal qualities, values and achievements. In the job search process always display enthusiasm about what you have and what your energy and freshness will bring.

Not having a job can be frustrating. Nobody likes receiving rejections. But these are the realities job seekers face daily. It can be frustrating when the job search is not bearing fruit.  The easy route is to allow doubt to take over. We start accepting defeat. And I tell you something, without self belief the game is over. What is the point in submitting applications and resumes without zeal or expectation? We doubt ourselves and even accept the tag of “failure” because we’re not getting results. 

Whether you lost that job opportunity or haven’t had any success with job interviews, our view at Jidaw is that "Failure is a perception, not an option for those willing to learn and grow from their experiences."

During Jidaw career sessions, we ask: Who doesn’t face challenges? “The person that doesn’t make mistakes usually does not make anything.” So what if you chose the wrong training programs? Some people give up simply because they failed a certification exam. 

Through our experiences at Jidaw, I know firsthand how hard it can be for the job seeker. But we also know that we all go through ups and down. At Jidaw we keep seeing people who have been condemned to the status of "also rans" who are now "come-back" champions. Challenges are part of life. The job market is tough, especially for newcomers but opportunities always exist for the resilient. 

The achiever is the one who is able to keep pushing through despite the stress, doubt and feelings of frustration that will come when job search environment appears hostile and unfriendly.

If you feel down and low, it is self belief that picks you up. Develop the “can do” and “can bounce back” attitude. You don't have a job? Big deal! It isn't the end of the world. And all worrying and moping does is to leave you weak, depressed and unable to improve your situation. 

Jidaw urges you to stand on your promise. Stand on who you are, push hard and intelligently enough and you will get the breakthrough you deserve. Let NOTHING steal your confidence.
Jide Awe

Founder, Jidaw

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