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Job Search Passion not Desperation

When the job search isn’t yielding results desperation can set in. “I’m eager for any type of job”, “any job will do.” Jidaw notes that this perspective can be damaging both in the short and long term. Hunger and desire are good. But no matter how long you have been searching, never cross over to desperation. Desperation undersells. Desperation is unhelpful because it doesn’t connect with the needs of the employer and your life mission.

Avoid giving the desperate "I just want a job" impression. Be honest, what does the job in IT mean to you? What does the accounting work opportunity offer you? How does it fit into your life goals? Are you simply falling in line to meet societal expectations or do you desire the ability to make a difference? At Jidaw we believe you should be enthusiastic about what you want to spend your life doing. Otherwise what is the point? For most of us our enthusiasm for sports and entertainment flows naturally. But what is your career passion?

Even though you love football and music, do have such passion for your job interests? You stand out in the eyes of the employers if they are convinced that you care deeply about the potential job opportunity and the impact it will have. It’s about living a fulfilling life in which your job plays a major role. A job should be more than an “I’m just working for my pay” meal ticket.  Jidaw’s core interest is in Information Technology (IT).

At Jidaw’s human capital empowerment seminars, the need to own the desire to achieve through IT in the specific sector is constantly stressed. For example your area of interest could be information technology in the banking sector. Why banking? It helps to know more about the field and how IT functions in the sector. Though you have no work experience, your desire is apparent in the research in you have done on the sector, volunteer opportunities you have seized, the knowledge you have about what it takes to work in that field and the enthusiasm you display about the nature of experience.

No employer really wants someone who is merely in need of a job or salary. Our belief at Jidaw is that in the job search and career development, passion rather than desperation stands you out. Organizations need of contributors to their mission not people who are looking for “any job”. Passion that is directed and purposeful connects and sells. It is passion that tattoos the pursuit of excellence into your DNA. Are you prepared to go the extra mile just to complete a job with excellence?

In assessing you employers will look for clues of what make you come alive, what makes you tick. What do you love doing outside the work setting? For example, do volunteer for causes that impact society? And if you do, how involved are you? Some employers will want to know if you are capable of translating the motivations behind your “external passions” into the work environment.

Is there passion in your job search? Where is the purpose in your career development? Embrace hunger; Avoid desperation.

All the best in your job search!

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