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Getting a Job is Process

I hope you have found the tips on JobsNigeriaPlus useful. JobsNigeriaPlus is an opportunity to provide some insight to help you get the job you desire in line with your career and life goals. Do they provoke you? Note that no one size that fits all. Forget about formulas. There is no one way to break the job search barrier. Rather than being one dimensional an approach that combines suggestions usually works best.

Tremendous competition for jobs can be intimidating. But don’t let the heat scare you. It comes with the job market territory. It is not an uncommon challenge. Ignore the things that outside your control. Instead focus on what you can do.

The question you should always ask is: what can I do to improve my prospects? How should you create advantage as you seek your desired job? JobsNigeriaPlus notes that creativity is a need just like food, sleep and shelter. But rather than being just an essential, creativity is also an enabler. Keep your motivation levels high and get creative. Getting a job is a process, an experience and not a “one stop”, off the shelf product.

Learn, share and grow during the experience. Don’t stop even after you get the job. The job itself is not everything. JobsNigeriaPlus asks: without passion what do we hope to achieve? Work experience is not an end in itself. It is not a job for the sake of a job but for worthwhile career growth. Besides it is not about you alone – it’s about what you are doing to improve yourself and others in a profitable and sustainable manner.

Maintain balance, see beyond the surface. Looking for a job? Can you handle the truth? The barriers are not the problem. The barriers are not the issue. The reality is that no barrier is insurmountable. JobsNigeriaPlus insists that the greatest barriers are within us. We must clearly understand the issues at play and apply thinking that matters. We all need understanding, honesty and dedication in our application of knowledge, creativity and ethics. You have what it takes!

Jide Awe

Founder, Jidaw

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