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Desire the Job Game Changer

In the job search? Need to oil the tank to boost your job search effectiveness? Relying only on qualifications and experience? You need to add more to your arsenal.  Make no mistake, your skills and previous work background will always come into play. Your ability to deliver is important and should never be downplayed. But at Jidaw we stress that desire is the game changer. 

What pushes you to keep maintaining that effort? What pushes you to keep your energy levels high? What pushes you to ignore the taunts and mocking laughter when the search isn't going your way? Jidaw emphasizes that desire is the force behind enthusiasm.

However, a critical question is this: Is desire evident in your application? Or is it only resident on your inside? Internal strengths are critical and desire always starts from within. At Jidaw we label we give desire is the beginning of the "inside job". It is however, important that your desire shows up as well on the outside. Desire should not be the “invisible man"? Does the interviewer need to dig and search really deep and relentlessly to discover desire in you? Your desire should be evident for all to see. But at Jidaw we also caution that you should not mistake desperation for desire. Desperation can be crude, selfish and short term, without ethics and professionalism.

You don’t have experience, or maybe you have experience. Tell me one organization interested in hiring talent especially newcomers without passion. Certainly no one I know. And playing the sympathy card instead of having desire isn't too helpful. Let your passion flow- spread it like a virus infecting those that come in contact with you. Let it show at all times – not only during the job search process. 

During Jidaw's career seminar, we state that if your passion only shows up when you are job hunting, it isn’t passion, you are simply acting. It is simply a show mimicking the real thing. Desire is not an eight to five office job. Passionate about sports, entertainment? Do you have that same passion for your career field? Or are you just working for the pay? 

For example, through Jidaw's activities in IT we know it is a field that has the ability to change lives and society in incredible ways. So if you are interested in a job in IT, how driven you are about your interests in IT – networking, programming, web design, technical support, etc.This works for applicants in all fields - architecture, construction, medicine, education, finance, etc. Jidaw insists: Show your passion. Make change happen with desire.

All the best in your job search!


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