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A closed door is not a full stop

Do you equate joblessness with worthlessness? Does the job define who you are? Drop that negative mentality RIGHT NOW! At our Jidaw career seminars, we suggest that candidates should never allow the lack of a job or negative job hunting experiences take away your self esteem and confidence. Roadblocks are nothing new. In fact there is no achiever that has not been down in the valley. 

What matters is your ability to pick yourself up. “This too shall pass”.

Allow challenges to make you bitter and you lose the plot. Instead evaluate the quality of your effort. We learn from the highs and the lows. Ask the right questions. What are you learning about yourself, your career and the job environment? Be honest, what really happened in the interview room? Sometimes interviewers will advise or give you hints. Do a reality check and work on areas that need improvement. At Jidaw we stress that learning is for life. Have you looked at your resume quality, interviewing skills or issues of self improvement? Keep learning. Focus on substance and be grateful for the experience. Respond to fruitless job search experiences with equanimity and humility.

Rather than look for excuses or run from challenges, stay upbeat, throw light on the setbacks as you widen and improve your perspective. Focus on the positives. There is an opportunity in that challenge. But as we say at Jidaw, a positive attitude is nothing without knowledge and humility. Humility keeps us grounded enough to learn relevant lessons and go beyond our places of comfort. These challenges are not full stops. A job is not a career. And an unsuccessful job interview or failure at an employment assessment test is not the end of a career. Hurdles are part not the end of the journey. 

They are useful learning experiences. With the right perspective such negative situations actually help in building your backbone. Change your thinking says Jidaw. And don’t you realize even at the end of the day that choices made during job selection processes are subjective. It is about who the company feels will fit into the role based on short assessment process. It is definitely not perfect. So face that reality and stop banging you head against the wall.

Only one door has been closed, don’t let the closed door experience stop you from being long term in your search for another door that will be open. Always believe you can add value and that you deserve to be successful. Have a long term purpose.  Then plan and get creative. Be resourceful and persevere. 

“The best way to learn perseverance is to persevere. no idea, book, philosophy, no teacher can teach better than the hurt, doubts and stress we go through while pushing on and refusing to give up” - Jidaw.

If you are a newcomer accept that you are starting at zero level no matter how long you have been searching. And don’t allow delay to compromise your high energy level. It is essential to accept the temporary nature of life. Seasons go and seasons come. Keep learning and remind yourself of this important truth and get back on purpose. Beyond job search related activities, use your time to engage in constructive activities such as self improvement and networking activities in your community and in industry. Explore ways in which such skills and activities can improve your prospects.

The trial of job seeking without results should show the true you. At the day, at our career seminars we state that the hurdles should bring out the real desire in you. Do you know that difficult circumstances prepare us for leadership by helping appreciate the ups and downs of life, as well as equipping us with firsthand understanding of the pain others are going through? 

“Who feels it knows it.” Maturity is not an easy road. It is not about surrendering but about developing the maturity to deal with lack of results. Our belief at Jidaw, is that every situation should be about pushing forward, surviving and thriving despite hostility in the environment. Only your attitude and action can drive change. Self pity has no power to improve job opportunities. 

Timing may be outside our control, but NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT. Keep hope alive. You can do it! A closed door is not a full stop.

Jide Awe

Founder, Jidaw

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