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Internet Society Fellowships to the IETF

 The Internet Society is inviting applications for its latest Internet Society Fellowships to the IETF.  The Fellowship programme is designed to allow engineers from emerging and developing economies to attend an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting.

The Internet Society (ISOC) is an independent international nonprofit organisation that provides leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy around the world, while the IETF is the Internet's premier standards-making body, responsible for the development of protocols used in IP-based networks. IETF participants represent an international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers involved in the technical operation of the Internet and the continuing evolution of Internet architecture.

ISOC will award Fellowships through a competitive application process and  presently accepting fellowship applications for the next two IETF meetings:

* IETF 86, March 10-15, 2013, Orlando FL, USA

* IETF 87, July 28 – August 2, 2013, Berlin, Germany

The Fellowship is ideal for those living in an emerging/developing economy with serious interest in the Internet protocol development activities of the IETF.

Selection Criteria for Internet Society Fellowships to the IETF include:
Candidates must:

Be a member of the Internet Society.
Hold a university-level computer science, information technology, or similar degree, or can demonstrate similar and relevant work experience.
Be employed in a technical or technical management capacity with a data network provider (including university networks), a technology vendor, a local technical association, or other similar organisation OR be a university-level computer science/information technology professor, lecturer, or student currently undertaking research in one or more areas of current IETF standardisation work. Students must be enrolled in a graduate-level program (Masters or Ph.D).
Possess a strong understanding of how the IETF relates to and impacts their work or area of study and demonstrate how specific areas of current IETF work are relevant to their pursuits.
Present a strong motivation for attending an IETF meeting, including demonstrating a strong sense of:
- what they intend to accomplish or get out of attending an IETF meeting
- how attending an IETF meeting would help them in their work or study, and
- how they intend to apply their IETF experience when they return to their country.
Present a plan for sharing the experience and knowledge they gain at the IETF with others in their local area or region (see Expectations for Fellows for further details).
Originate from and reside in a emerging or developing economy, which traditionally have low rates of participation in the IETF.
Require assistance in order to attend an IETF meeting
Previously unsuccessful applicants are welcome to apply again.
Having followed one or more IETF Working Group mailing lists.

Fellowship applications for both IETF meetings are due by 01 October 2012.

Information and links to apply can be found at: THE ISOC SITE

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