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Stiff Competition for Newcomer Jobs

Newcomer looking for a Job - Prepare, the Competition is Stiff

Though there are opportunities for fresh graduates looking for work, there is the harsh reality of the job market to contend with. Jidaw observes that the risk avoidance and sometimes status quo thinking that permeates decision making of employing organizations means they often aren’t too keen about taking employment risks with beginners. “We are not babysitters”.

Usually, the major focus of the job market is on recruiting people with work experience. This could also be due to the often turbulent nature of business and the tough economic climate. Or such policies may be driven by the need to reduce risks and guarantee results, and possibly to eliminate the need for training.  “Not worth the risk?”

Of course many companies do recruit newcomers but it’s easy to see why beginner jobs are not as common place on an overall basis. “Employers are looking for experience. Newcomers too are looking for experience.” Jidaw views graduate unemployment is an unfortunate and growing trend. This blog is in fact created by Jidaw to improve access to job opportunities and to serve as a means of making a difference in this area.

Freshly minted from the academic system and looking to avoid the nightmare of graduate unemployment? It can be a tough game. Difficult but not impossible. How do you prepare? Coming into the ring? It can be like a jungle out there. Experience rules the job market, so you should therefore expect stiff competition for entry level positions when they are available or announced. At Jidaw's career development programs we always advise attendees to prepare well. Quality preparation is a necessity not an option.

Apply with a good understanding of what is required and other issues at play. Remember success in your search for work depends a great deal on preparation. Put in your best from the moment you submit your CV and throughout all stages of the recruitment process.

Differentiate yourself and stay positive at all times. Just like others competing with you for the beginner vacancy, work experience will form part of the assessment criteria. And it won’t only be about your degree.

Really beyond your qualification, do you know what you have?
Newcomer? You need to bring more on board than that degree or diploma. You have no experience so play up your strengths - your academic records, organizational skills, determination, focus, idea generation abilities, never-say-die attitude, leadership, previous related experiences, etc. At Jidaw we stress that your freshness is your power.

But keep it simple. Let your efforts flow with effective and ruthless simplicity. Nobody has time for complexity. You are just starting out, you don’t need any drama. What you offer should be clear and obvious. There is power in simplicity.

Competition is stiff. But prepare well and you will open doors.

All the best!.

Jide Awe

Founder, Jidaw

Jidaw - IT Training, Consulting and Web Content Provision Nigeria

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