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Young Journalists wanted for global Civil Society Event

Young joournalists are wanted for the 10th CIVICUS World Assembly holding in September 2011 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Four young journalists from developing countries have the chance to attend the largest gathering of civil society activists in the world in all expenses paid prize.

What is the prize?

Through a full bursary (including travel, accommodation and registration), the four journalists will have full access to all keynote plenary sessions and activity sessions that will take place at the Youth Assembly on 8 September and at the World Assembly on 10-12 September.

They will also have unique one on one opportunities to interview all keynote speakers.

How do you qualify?

You qualify if you are an active journalist who:

    Has a background in covering civil society issues  (such as development effectiveness, new technologies, democratic space and climate justice)
    Are a citizen of a developing country
    Are between 18 and 30 years of age.

The journalist will also have a thoughtful and feasible dissemination plan to use their reports as a tool to raise awareness of the human rights or social justice issues explored at the event with a goal to bring about change.

While creative freedom will be left to the individual journalist, they will be required to report on a minimum of two sessions per day in the language of choice (Spanish, English, and French).

How to apply?

To apply for this prize, submit your CV, a writing sample and a 250 word article on why it is important for civil society to engage with the media to rowena.mcnaughton@civicus.org before 15 June 2011.

The chosen journalists will be informed before 30 June 2011.

About the 2011 World Assembly

The CIVICUS World Assembly is the premier global gathering of civil society organisations, donors and representatives of government, international institutions and business to seek collaborative ways to strengthen the rights of citizens around the globe. The 2011 World Assembly will focus on "Civil Society and Global Decision-Making: Doing It Better". 

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