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Job Search - Show some Purpose (1)

Job Search Tip: Show some Purpose.... but it’s not just about you (1)

Job search requires time, effort and other resources. It also requires direction. How does the job fit into your career plan? Avoid the temptation of the popular unless it fits into your plan. Do you know your career path inside out?

Too often we just want a job. Sorry but your plan should have purpose. You need to show some purpose. Job search strategy is important, but what is your purpose? Job for the sake of job?

What is your driving force?

Is it just a meal ticket or do you want to make a difference? Or does your job search accept anything that comes along or is career growth your priority? Be conscious. Don’t be misled by flashing lights. The job looks good on paper, but will it foster your growth?

Take responsibility by owning your decisions. Being purpose driven puts quality into your search and strategy. You get what you deserve and make a difference.

A job is part of your life; it is not for marking time. There is no spare tyre life. Be purpose driven as you search – it’s about your career and your future.

You may not have a job yet, but projecting a positive purpose positions you as someone that wants to matter – you want others to benefit from you. The truth is that nobody wants to employ a person who just wants a job.

How will you contribute?

Real purpose is selfless. It makes others see you as a valuable resource rather than being cast in the unfortunate needy image portrayed by most job and opportunity seekers.

For example do you come across with the “I deserve the job” and “it’s all about what I want” mentality? Sometimes we may be looking for sympathy.

It may sound harsh but we need a reality check – nobody owes us anything!

We simply must make ourselves matter by understanding the real meaning of purpose and opportunity.

Go beyond yourself. Don’t concentrate on your needs only. Otherwise how will you matter? Purpose comes with “how will others benefit”?

Even though the search can be frustrating, you need to outgrow the sympathy syndrome and create your own reality.

Still searching? Show Some PURPOSE!

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