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UN Volunteer Medical Jobs in Lesotho

United Nations Volunteer Medical Opportunities

If you are a medical Dr (General Pracitioner, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Paediatrician, Internist (Specialist in Internal medicine) or Psychiatrist/Psychologist) who would like to explore the possibility of working in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho for a period of 24 months, the UN system in Lesotho is offering you an excellent opportunity to join the UNV Medical Drs Programme as a United Nations Volunteer Medical Specialist.

Please apply by sending your CV to registry.is@undp.org by the deadline of 5 february 2010. If you are already registered as a UN Volunteer, please also include your UNV roster number in your communication.

If successful, you will be offered a 24-months contract as a UNV volunteer with a monthly volunteer living allowance (VLA) intended to cover housing, basic needs and utilities, equivalent to US$ 1729 for a single person, US$ 1979 for person with one dependent, and US$2179 for a person with two or more recognized dependents; settling-in-grant (if applicable); life, health, and permanent disability insurance; return airfares (if applicable); resettlement allowance for satisfactory service.

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