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Remember the 2010 New Year Message

As January 2010 comes to an end, have you read our 2010 New Year message?

Before we forget the resolutions, Before we forget the essence of 2010, let's remind ourselves of the New Year 2010 message with this excerpt:

"Happy New Year! Wishing you and yours a safe, pleasant, healthy and prosperous 2010.2009 is gone. What you make of 2010 is entirely up to you. Our talk now is about the new. New year, new songs, new resolutions. But new for what? New for the sake of new? Don't think so.
2009 is gone. How're we looking forward? Confused? Confident? Where are we strong? Where is growth needed? Self denial won't help. Neither will simply going with whatever comes around
* It's uncharted territory but 2010 is entirely up to us. Is our focus to create our future in information technology? The 900 pound gorilla that scares all is the unknown. What will tomorrow bring? Continually invest in knowledge with the traditional or the uncommon".

May Your 2010 be positively UNFORGETTABLE as you read the complete New Year Message 2010

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